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Audio guides play an important role for a demanding public and are crucial to communicate in a pleasant and interesting manner.

A well-conceived, creatively produced audio tour offers your visitors interesting information in the languages of your choice. Individual commentary provides detailed explanations of specific exhibits. That includes putting them into context and illuminating background facts. The spoken commentary can be enhanced at appropriate spots by audio collages, sound bites or stylish music, according to your individual wishes. With an audio guide, you can be sure visitors will savor the informative and fascinating experience your exhibition provides.

This service not only takes the pressure off visitor coordination overall, but is also an interesting way of augmenting group tours. By providing audio guides for foreign-language and other individual visitors, you can avoid long waiting times and bottlenecks. A pre-recorded tour ensures flexible tour times as well as providing an attractive addition to your revenue stream.

For guests from all over the world, a visit to your institution will become a unique, pleasurable and unforgettable experience.

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