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J’ai deux amours



In her best-known chanson, Josephine Baker sung of "Deux amours", or her two great loves of America and Paris, but they were not the only passions to drive her. Indeed her fervour and commitment led her to break several taboos, and enabled her to dare, as a black woman in the 1920s, to dance naked on stage. During the occupation she went underground and worked for the Résistance, and after the war she adopted children from all over the world. She, and what she called her "rainbow tribe" lived together in Château des Milandes as proof that different ethnicities could happily co-exist.


The tonwelt audio guide depicts the life of this most unusual 20th century icon, and includes many captivating details as it leads visitors through the dreamy building which was her home for more than thirty years. The new owners, the Labarre family, have lovingly restored the palace and opened it up to the public.


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J’ai deux amours

Josephine Baker’s Palace "Château des Milandes"


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